Synergia offers two types of programs, Open Enrollment Programs, and Custom/School Programs. Open enrollment refers to programs that anyone can apply for to participate, within age guidelines and requirements. Open enrollment is distinct from custom or group programs in which an established group forms the whole of the participants and the program is not open to anyone outside of that group, class, organization.

The approach to learning and the kind of education practiced at Synergia Learning Ventures is described on the Philosophy page. The actual programs we offer are described in general below.  To read about our programs in more detail, visit the links above.

Synergia Nature School

Synergia Nature School is an outdoor classroom learning environment for children ages 6-8 who live in western Nevada County. Nature School is modeled in part after the “Forest Kindergarten” concept made popular in Europe.

Summer Camps

[No summer camps for 2020 – stay tuned!]

Our adventure-based outdoor camps are open enrollment. Join us for an opportunity to learn more about wilderness immersion and self discovery through rock climbing, ropes course and backpacking expedition.

Confluence: Youth and the Yuba River

Youth are agents of change. The Confluence program brings together youth from the Upper and Lower Yuba River watershed. The Yuba is one river, yet the upper and lower reaches are worlds apart: socially, environmentally, politically. Youth from both the upper and lower watershed will join together to learn about each other, and the river that connects them.

Challenge Ropes Course


The ropes course program at Synergia is well known for its excellent facilitation and state-of-the-art course construction. Set in a secluded grove of Ponderosa Pines, the High and Low Ropes Course is created for groups of all types.