Challenge Ropes Course

The ropes course program at Synergia is well known for its excellent facilitation and state-of-the-art course construction. Set in a secluded grove of Ponderosa Pines, the High and Low Ropes Course is created for groups to face innovative challenges and obstacles. Through working together, a group can reach new levels of understanding, collaboration and team work.

Picture your group in a situation where they have to rely on one another, cooperate with one another and support one another in order to be successful. Picture them faced with a seemingly insurmountable task, one that no individual could complete alone. Picture them learning what it means to struggle together, and then to emerge as a more cohesive whole, with greater trust and appreciation for each other.

Then picture them facing the High Ropes elements as they confront different challenges—challenges that bring forth personal strength and courage, and the capacity to go outside oneself to truly support another. Picture them growing into themselves in ways that you had hoped were possible. Picture being a part of that growth and experiencing it yourself…

Synergia Ropes Course Program is designed in blocks of one day sessions. A group or class can participate in one day or multiple day sessions, depending on the needs and requirements of the group. A one day program consists of a full day of low and high ropes experiences. Multiple days allow the group to progress further by moving on to more advanced challenges and practicing what they learned on Day 1.

Synergia Challenge Ropes Course serves:

  • Students of all ages and schools of all types.
  • University peer counselors, department staff, athletic teams, resident advisors, classes and clubs.
  • Business, teacher and organizational staff development and training.


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