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Exploring the Wilds – Summer Camp

June 24th – 29th

Ages 13 – 15

Exploring the Wilds Summer Camp is a 6 day adventure based camp. The focus of the camp is exploration, self discovery, connecting to the natural world, and lots of games and fun. The camp begins at the Synergia Learning Ventures basecamp located on the San Juan Ridge, just out side of Nevada City, California in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. At the basecamp we will spend some time getting to know each other as we play and challenge ourselves on the ropes course. From there we will head into the high sierra for a day of rock climbing. The final leg of the journey will be a three day/two night backpacking trip where we will explore high mountain lakes before returning to Synergia basecamp on our final day. Come join us for a fun filled week of exploration and fun.

Wilderness Journey – Summer Camp

July 9th – 14th

Ages 14 – 17

Wilderness Journey Summer Camp is a 6 day expedition into the wilderness of the eastside sierra. On our journey we will discover what it means to live in the wild with nothing more than what we carry on our backs. We will cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves, each other, and the natural world through solo journaling, cooking meals together, and immersing ourselves in the rugged wilds of the the sierra mountains. We will meet in the historic town of Nevada City before heading up to the big granite rock faces of Donner Summit for a day of rock climbing. After camping near the summit we will travel down the eastside of the sierra to the Hoover Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. From there we will begin our 5 day backpacking expedition into the wilderness. Come unplug and join us for a week of connection, laughter and discovery in the back country.


Fill out a Summer Camp Application (see links below) and return it with the non-refundable $100 deposit to secure your spot. If you are applying for a sponsorship, return the Sponsorship Application (see link below) in place of the deposit. Please make checks payable to Synergia Learning Ventures and return to:

Synergia Learning Ventures
18441 Rainbows End Rd
Nevada City, CA 95959
Application can also be returned via email to:


Exploring the Wilds Application

Wilderness Journey Application

Summer Camp Sponsorship Application



Exploring the Wilds Summer Camp

Early Enrollment (ends May 15th, 2018): $625

Late Enrollment (May 16th – June 15th): $675


Wilderness Journey Summer Camp

Early Enrollment (ends May 15th, 2018): $750

Late Enrollment (May 16th – June 15th): $795


Limited space available

To secure your spot be sure to return the non-refundable $100 deposit with your Application.
Once accepted you will be sent a packet with all the information you will need for the camp.



or call 530-265-5490



Exploring the Wilds Summer Camp Flyer

Wilderness Journey Summer Camp Flyer




All food, transportation, group cooking equipment, and climbing gear are provided. Participants will be responsible for personal clothes, toiletries, sleeping, and camping gear. *Personal gear can be borrowed from Synergia upon request. PLEASE CONSULT PACKING LIST (this will arrive in your Summer Camp packet once you have registered). For more information check out our Backpacking Trip Video to know what kinds of equipment you will need.


Mondy Kowal

Mondy Kowal has been a staff of Synergia Learning Ventures for 7 years. She is an avid adventurer, gardener, and mother of three. Mondy lives on her own farm in the Sierra Foothills where she grows, dries, and cans most of her own food. When she’s not working in her garden she can often be found exploring the wilderness with young folks. Mondy is a certified Wilderness First Responder and River Rescue Technician through Rescue 3 International. She has helped develop a variety of programs for youth including: organic food programs for public schools, healthy food cooking classes for inner city youth, a summer backpacking program for young women, among others. Mondy holds a deep respect and appreciation for the natural world and its ability to ground. One of her goals in life is to connect young people with nature and themselves, and have as much fun as possible while doing it.

Alex Nopola

Alex Nopola has been a staff of Synergia Learning Ventures for 12 years. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder through Nols Wilderness Medicine and has trained with the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) as a rock climbing instructor. Alex is father of two beautiful, rambunctious young boys and spends much of his time showing them the wonders of the outdoors. In the winter Alex works as a ski instructor in the Sierra Mountains. He has spent an extensive amount of time summiting peaks up and down the Sierra Mountain and Cascade Ranges for the pure pleasure of skiing down them. His good nature and wide-spread knowledge of the mountains pair well with his love for sharing the marvels of the rugged wilderness.


Davin Hart

Davin Hart has been a staff of Synergia Learning Ventures for 6 years. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder and River Rescue Technician through Rescue 3 International. As an experienced river kayaker, white water rafting guide, and rock climber, Davin is very confident and comfortable in the backcountry. He is dedicated to being a leader through kindness and sharing his love for the outdoors. Davin is reliable, aware, and thorough in his medical expertise creating an environment of safety.


“I think one of the most significant qualities of humanness is the need to connect. Looking back, I can see that this desire is what made me become a climber….The desire for connection leads us down many avenues and ultimately leads us back to our best selves… Because connection has no perimeters, no walls, and no bounds it is the ultimate aspiration.”

– Steph Davis, professional Climber


Come join us for a week of fun and adventure!