Is Finding the Good a Good Fit for You?

We are looking for a certain type of student to join us for a semester at Finding the Good.

Could this be you? We surely hope so. If you still have some doubts after reading through the program information, please review your answers to the questions below:

  • Are you interested in applying your academic skills to real world situations?
  • Do you want to make positive changes within your school and community?
  • Do you long to be outside rather than stuck in a classroom?
  • Does working with your hands sound fun?
  • Have you always wanted to contribute something to the world?
  • Are you prepared for a rigorous and exhilarating educational experience?

If “yes” was a common answer for you, then you’re probably a great fit for our program. Finding the Good students are in the 11th, 12th and post high school range and come from public schools, private schools, homeschooling, unschooling, community college, and independent study . You do not have to be a high academic achiever, nor an “environmental” or “outdoorsy” type. Grades are not a factor. You do need certain academic skills, a strong work ethic, a general curiosity about life, the maturity to be a healthy member of our small community, and a great attitude.

What kind of student is a match for Finding the Good?

Finding the Good students are ready for a big step in their lives. They are eager to explore the aspects outlined in our program. Most of all, they have a desire to find purpose and meaning to their lives, even if they don’t have a clue as to how. They are ready to explore themselves in relation to the world. They are interested in developing and practicing leadership and are ready for an expanded relationship with responsibility and, ultimately, freedom.

Cost and Financial Aid

The total cost to attend the Finding the Good semester program is $12,000. This includes tuition, room and board, all travel expenses, and all study materials. We also provide gear for the wilderness trips if needed.

We will never deny a strong applicant from attending our program on the basis of financial need alone. If cost is an issue, please contact us so that we may discuss our financial aid policies and your options.