Who can participate?

All ages can participate in the ropes course. Synergia staff are adept at customizing the program based on age, developmental capabilities, and needs and goals of the group. The program director will call you prior to your group’s date to discuss the group’s needs and goals.

The Ropes Course is the perfect field trip to start the school year in the fall, to get friendships and class dynamics off to a good start. Synergia staff are extremely knowledgeable in the dynamics and issues of different grades. They are highly skilled at facilitating the class in such a way that the specific dynamics can be understood in a safe and productive manner in which all are respected, and everyone has a voice.

The Ropes Course is equally effective for non-student groups as well, from corporate teams to school faculty and administration to whole families.

Although every group is unique and has their own set of needs and goals, a group is made up of individuals in relationship. It is in discovering our common connections while maintaining our autonomy and individuality that we come together in mutual relationship.

How safe is the Ropes Course?

Many people have concerns regarding the safety of the Ropes Course because it involves climbing and heights. In actuality, ropes courses are very safe — far safer than school sports activities, for example.   At Synergia, physical and emotional safety are our utmost priorities and our record reflects this. If you have any concerns or questions at all, please don´t hesitate to call us.

How do I reserve a booking?

All Ropes Course bookings are done over the phone, taken on a first come, come served basis. The months of September and October are very popular, so we recommend that you book early.

When is the Ropes Course open?

We accept bookings seven days a week throughout the year. Currently, our primary Ropes Course season is in the fall, September through November. Spring dates are harder to accommodate since we have a full wilderness course schedule. We are looking towards changing that is the future but for now there are less dates available in the spring months. Since the weather can be quite mild in the foothills any time of the year, we are open year-round.

What happens if it rains when we are scheduled for the Ropes Course?

We keep a close watch on the weather during the wetter months. If it looks like your date is going to involve inclement weather, we assess together whether to cancel or reschedule. Usually a light rain is not a problem, but severe winter storms and heavy rainfall will cancel. There is no charge if you cancel due to weather.

What if we are too far away for a one day program?

Multiple day programs are available. Depending on the size of your group, you can camp at Synergia, or at nearby Malakoff Diggins State Park, or you can rent facilities at any number of local venues. Write or call for more information.