I can’t thank you enough for such an incredible experience. I have totally let go of my self-consciousness. I really feel that I am a different person. Thank you for changing my life.
Lauren S., 12 years old

I respect you greatly for your ability to see things from the eyes of a teenager and at least try to understand the motives behind the strange things our specimen do. I have enjoyed both working and playing with you, regardless of how much complaining I did.
Jed R., 17 years old

Both trips have given my daughter unique, new perspectives on life and allowed her a freedom to explore her outer limits in ways that home just doesn’t offer.
Linda S., mother of 14 year old

I really feel that these courses have been so important to my kids. I see in my son, especially, a heightened responsibility and self assuredness that delights me.
Jill B., mother of three

The ropes course is the kind of place that you are able to show your feelings and/or who you really are inside. The challenges were hard in some places and easier in others. I liked this because it really gave each individual his/her own and personal challenges. The ropes course really gives people a great place to figure themselves out.
Angela D., 13 year old

I’m grateful to all of you at the ropes course for challenging, encouraging, and building up all of us. We all came away from the experience feeling that we had conquered.
Jeff C., 14 year old

Your program is wonderful – your staff is awesome – your location is perfect! I can tell that you truly care about what you do, and who you do it for!
Amanda C., UC Davis, peer counselor

Everything was incredibly well-planned and organized, but what really made the trip so wonderful was your incredible ability and experience in helping us «find our edges.»
Eric O., 14 year old

Then, I just bolted off the platform and jumped and fell and that split second in which I jumped ‘til the time I landed safely I felt like an eagle soaring through the sky.
Adam D., 15 year old

I think about you guys often. I have been wanting to thank you both for everything you have done for me and I guess that mainly I haven´t written because nothing I could ever write would do justice to my thoughts and feelings.
Julie H

I could not have asked for a better experience for my daughter to have as she moves into this next phase of her life. I was deeply moved to hear detail by detail in chronological order of the many experiences she had. She learned a great deal about herself as well as life and was able to articulate in a very profound way the many life lessons she received from you and your staff.
D., mother

Thanks so much for making our eighth grade trip all that I hoped it would be—you guys are masters indeed.
Laura Embry-Stine Teacher, Sacramento Waldorf School

I want to come to this course for several reasons. I just attended the challenge and expedition which were both incredible experiences for me. I learned so much about who I am and what is happening to the world around me. I love new experiences which is what this course is about. I often think of life as a staircase, you can never reach the top, yet every step you take you learn about yourself and the earth. I feel like each course I attend I walk a step closer.

I am very interested in river ecology and the environmental impact of dams. Being in the outdoors with peers is something I really enjoy doing. Last year I did this course and it was my favorite course because the size of the group and the length of the trip allowed me to get to know people well and make good friends. I want to do that again.